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Deco-Dence, LLC
Emphasizing the "Art" in "Art Deco".
What we do
Deco-Dence, LLC is pleased to offer the finest in restored vintage modernist designs from the early to mid-twentieth century (1920's through 1940's).

We specialize in American modernist designer furnishings from such notable names as Gilbert Rohde, Paul Frankl, Donald Deskey, Warren McArthur, Mies Van der Rohe, Marcel Breuer, Walter Dorwin Teague, Wolfgang Hoffman, Eileen Gray, and KEM Weber to name a few and complement that exceptional genre with modernist European Art Deco furnishings. We also offer a locator service to find specific designer pieces that you may be searching for whether American or French designer in origin.

Deco-Dence maintains a competency in Italian Futurist furnishings, offering one of the largest selections of exciting Italian period designs of any Art Deco Gallery in the U.S. The Italian Futurist pieces represent a pinnacle of futuristic, contemporary design originating in forward thinking Europe during the 1930's and 1940's. The liberal use of rich exotic woods, rare and expensive finishing materials, and the quality and scale of design all contributed to creating masterpieces that would be virtually impossible to recreate new today. At Deco-Dence we lovingly restore our original Italian Futurist masterpieces to an exceptional level of hand finished quality ready for your home.

To learn more about the Italian Futurist movement and Futurism, please visit or click on "Futurism and Futurists" located on our Favorite Links page. The "Futurism and Futurist" website has an incredible amount of information compiled concerning Futurism and it's exciting place in decorative arts history.

When seeking furnishings that are a reflection of the success you have achieved in your life come browse Deco-Dence's 13,000 square foot warehouse to find those one-of-a-kind treasures that will set you apart from the crowd. Our website offers only a small sample of the literally thousands of items available from Deco-Dence.

Deco-Dence specializes in hand-rubbed lacquer finishes. Our artisans employ only the finest in old-world hand finishing techniques to restore our pieces back to their incredible beauty rivaling the finest custom furniture on the market. We offer a broad array of restoration levels to fit any budget. But you can be assured that no matter what level you select you will be receiving the finest in early to mid-century modern furnishings available anywhere in the U.S.

We ship worldwide and accept all major credit cards for your shopping convenience. We also offer a term financing option through a national financial concern. We work with the trade as well as offer retail to the public. Please peruse our website, e-mail us with questions or requests, or call us for more information.

We emphasize the "Art" in "Art Deco" by elevating our restored furnishings to a level you would expect to see in the finest homes and museums. Why buy furniture made for the masses when you can have the equivalent of custom furnishings from our portfolio?

Our business history
Privately owned and operated since January 1, 1995, Deco-Dence has the reputation for restoring original Art Deco furnishings to museum quality levels.


What makes us unique
Deco-Dence specializes in exceptional lacquer restoration services. Our first approach is to always work with the original lacquer finishes that are present on the pieces. Stripping and refinishing is done only if the piece cannot be restored using it's original finish as the base from which to work.

A very high level description of what we do:

* we perform veneer repairs to correct and stabilize any problems with the veneers as the first step in our process, including hand applying faux finishes where necessary to as seamlessly integrate the veneer repair into the surrounding burl or woodgrain pattern as possible

* everything then receives a hand-sanding to prep the surfaces for receiving new lacquer

* we then begin the lacquer build-up, anywhere from 10 to 15 coats of new lacquer depending on the condition of the original finish

* pieces are then allowed to cure for approximately 2-5 months, again depending on the pieces condition and desired final rubout

* after curing, another hand-sanding is performed on the piece with a very fine grit of sand paper to achieve a silky smooth surface

* after the final hand-sanding, a hand rubout and polishing is performed to bring out the desired finish (high gloss, satin or matte)

* we also offer a restoration level we call "antique patina" which works with the original lacquer without the re-lacquering process and allows the piece to be freshened up in its appearance, including veneer repairs and touch-up as above, but leaving more of the "character marks" of age to show more of an antique patina

Deco-Dence maintains a 13,000 square foot warehouse of unrestored furnishings from which to chose. Individuals can select from the warehouse offerings and specify a custom restoration level - we have product and price points to fit a wide range of budgets. We have complete bedrooms from around $8,500 for the suite up to our most expensive and rarest Italian Futurist designs at $59,000.00. Complete dining suites are offered in a similar price range.

Deco-Dence, LLC has the largest collection of original Art Deco furnishings of any modernist dealer in the United States. Our 13,000 square foot facility, filled with the most exquisite representation of Art Deco in the world, is by appointment.

Please call us in advance to schedule a time convenient for you to peruse our phenomenal collection! You will not be disappointed!

Deco-Dence Art Deco
3020 Canton Street, Dallas, Texas, 75226, US
phone:  214-744-3326  fax:  214-747-3326

Privacy Policy/Terms of Service
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