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Unrestored - Dining 3

Art Deco Dining 13

Italian Art Deco dining suite comprised of some of the most exotic and incredible woods available from the Art Deco era. Table top and buffet tops are of West African Afrormosia. The table top has multiple square inlays of thuya burl that form a large pattern in the middle. Thuya burl inlay is also found on the chair backs. The door fronts to the server and drawer fronts to the china display are also thuya burl. The large expanse of burl door fronts on the china display and server are crown cut bookmatched Italian burry butt walnut. The interior of the china display (behind the sliding glass doors)is birdseye maple. Adding visual interest are the bands of trim in zebrawood.

The Art Deco dining suite is comprised of dining table (the original leaves did not come with the table), five matching upholstered chairs with coil spring seats, server with bevelled mirror back (mirror back not shown in picture), china display that features an original round cobalt glass door with surrounding burl creating a sunray effect around the cobalt glass. Hardware is polished nickel and bakelite.

Table dimensions are 60" long x 35 3/8" wide x 31" tall.
Chair dimensions are 17 1/2" deep x 17 3/8" wide x 37 1/2" tall.
China display dimensions are 21" deep x 70" wide x 62" tall.
Server dimensions with mirror back are 21" deep x 66" wide x 58" tall (mirror is 19" tall).

If restoration desired on these pieces please inquire as to costs. Also note that Deco-Dence can fabricate complementary leaves for the table if desired.

Art Deco Dining 14

English "U" base Art Deco dining suite. Made of a beautiful quarter cut English walnut crotch curl bookmatched into a beautiful pattern. Art Deco dining suite is comprised of a table, two leaves, four matching upholstered chairs, and a buffet. Buffet interior features a stunning ribbon figured ayan curl. Original nickel and bakelite hardware is perfect.

Dining table dimensions, without leaves, are 47 1/4" long x 36" wide x 31" tall.
Leaves are each 12" long; with leaves extended the table's total length is 71 1/4".

Available for restoration; please inquire as to pricing.

Buffet - SOLD

Art Deco Dining 15

Art Deco buffet of French design in a beautiful crown cut bookmatched European walnut veneer on the door fronts, European walnut curl on the buffet sides and with zebrawood picture frame trim on the doors. Plinth base adds distinction to the buffet's presentation.

Available for restoration; please inquire as to pricing. SOLD

Art Deco Dining 16

Italian Art Deco dining suite. The buffet fronts are a gorgeous burry butt Italian walnut with inlays of exotic ebony creating a pattern of rectangles. Buffet sides are of a crown cut Italian walnut. The interior of the buffet with the sliding glass door display is yew wood burl. The table is of crown cut Italian walnut with ebony inlays. Buffet and table tops have been ebonized and black plate glass tops custom cut to fit precisely on the surfaces. Every piece has "V" shaped pedestal supports with ebonized trim.

An impressive and massive stair stepped mirror composed of bevelled mirror panels arranged into one large mirror with ebonized trim is to be paired with the larger server. The mirror has reverse acid etched lines to enhance the geometry of the design with two alpine skiers acid etched at either lower corner. Both buffet fronts have rectangular mirror panels that feature reverse acid etched drawings of Italian village women carrying vessels on their heads. The buffet with center display features two sliding glass doors that have the same alpine skier motif acid etched on the doors but with mountains included.

A one of a kind Art Deco dining suite that cannot be found anywhere else but at Deco-Dence!

Table dimensions are 72" long x 40 1/2" wide x 31 1/4" tall. SOLD
Server dimensions (without sliding glass doors) are 89 1/2" wide x 21 1/4" deep x 38" tall. SOLD
Server dimensions (with sliding glass doors) are 82" wide x 21 1/4" deep x 38" tall.
Wall mirror dimensions are 76" wide x 48" tall.

Restoration is available if desired; please inquire as to levels and pricing.

Art Deco Dining 17

Italian Art Deco dining suite comprised of a "U" base designed table, six matching upholstered chairs and a beautiful, elegant framed mirror back buffet. This lovely Art Deco dining group is made of burry butt Italian walnut with zebrawood trim. The buffet has an unusual, symmetrical design with classical elements to it. Original polished nickel and bakelite hardware. Leaves to complement the dining table can be fabricated and finished to provide additional table length if so desired; please inquire.

Dining table dimensions: 51 1/2" long x 35 1/2" wide x 32 1/4" tall
Chair dimensions: 16 1/2" deep x 18" wide x 33" tall
Buffet dimensions: 19 1/2" deep x 65 1/2" wide x 39" tall (to buffet serving surface) and 60" tall (to top of framed mirror back)

Available for restoration; please inquire as to pricing.

Art Deco Dining 18

German Art Deco buffets and china cabinet in the style of the Bauhaus. Large buffet is enormous with a matching smaller buffet and china display. Buffet tops are of a beautiful crown cut exotic wood, possibly cocobolo or rosewood, with it's deep dark streaks and veining. Door fronts are a burry butt German walnut with zebrawood trim on the corners of all pieces and on the buffet backsplashes. Interior of china cabinet is lined in a quarter cut German walnut curl. Both buffets feature pull-out serving or work surfaces in original heavily veined pink marble.

Large buffet dimensions are 86 1/2" wide x 25 1/2" deep x 39" tall to serving surface with a 2" backsplash.
Small buffet dimensions are 43" wide x 19 1/2" deep x 36" tall to serving surface with a 1 1/2" backsplash.
China display dimensions are 49 1/2" wide x 18 1/2" deep x 68" tall. SOLD

Available for restoration; please inquire as to restoration costs.

Art Deco Dining 19

Beautiful Art Deco English drawleaf dining table, perfect for the smaller dining area or a breakfast nook. In a great streamlined Art Deco style with dual concave pedestal supports in a bookmatched zebrawood. Table top is in a bookmatched crown cut English walnut. We offer many matched sets of English walnut dining chairs that will complement this table; please inquire as to dining chair selections available.

Art Deco dining table dimensions are 42" long x 30" wide x 30 1/2" tall. Each leaf is 12" in length; with the leaves extended the table's total length is 66".

Available for restoration; please inquire as to pricing.
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