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Smokerama - Floor 1

Chase Chrome and Brass "Hi-Lo" smokers' stand. The "Hi-Lo" smokers' stand, #836 in the Chase catalog, telescopes to desired heights between 16 1/2" to 25 1/2". The upper half of the tube telescopes into the lower half. A turn of the ring on the lower tube keeps it at the desired height. In polished chromium and black enamel. Offered by Chase from 1934 through 1942. Designed by Howard Reichenbach.

Priced at $450.00 SOLD
Very rare "Stratosphere Smokers' Stand" by Chase Chrome & Brass. Designed by renowned industrial designer Walter Von Nessen. In a polished chromium with black accents. Large ball mounted on a fluted tubular post. The top half of the ball is not hinged, but swings down in any direction when in use, and lifts off for easy emptying. The bottom half serves as the ash receiver with a rest in the middle for holding or snuffing out cigarettes. The Stratosphere is designed so that when not in use, the top is closed, and no unsightly ashes are visible nor are there lingering fumes of stale smoke. Heavily weighted bottom to prevent tipping. 26" tall with 5 3/4" diameter globe.

Priced at $550.00
Chase Stratosphere ashstand
Hoffman for Howell machine age chrome and black ashstand Wolfgang Hoffman design for Howell Chrome. Elegant chrome and black Machine Age ashstand featuring pushbutton release for ashtray. 29" tall to top of handle.

Priced at $495.00
Wolfgang Hoffman design for Howell Chrome, #154 from the original catalogue. The entire smoker is finished in beautiful "Chromsteel". Three round uprights are of solid chrome plated steel. Features large 7" diameter ash bowl that provides a large capacity. The removable top is fitted with spring-closing, knob-controlled ash dump. 24" tall to top of handle.

Two available:

#1 - very good chrome, priced at $395.00 (as pictured)
#2 - good to fair chrome, priced at $295.00
Hoffman design for Howell chrome, three rods on stepped base with curved handle
40's Heywood-Wakefield smokestand as featured in the Heywood-Wakefield catalog 40's modern smokestand by LX Cell Metal Products of Chicago, as featured in the Heywood-Wakefield catalogue. Streamlined design. Baked enamel and chrome in excellent condition. Two unusual cigarette holders are spring-loaded to gently hold cigarette in place. Curvy chrome "grill" keeps cigarettes from falling into ash receiver. The base unscrews to dispose of ashes. 22" tall to top of handle.

Priced at $295.00 SOLD
1930's English faux mahogany finish on solid wood smokestand. Features cocktail shelf and original bakelite ash receiver insert. Weighted metal base. Fluted column and reverse stair stepped ash receiver base add flair to this great looking smokestand. Cocktail shelf is 16" tall and overall height is 25".

Priced at $225.00
Large mahogany smokestand with stepped ash receiver base and bakelite ashtray
Faux finish with bakelite handles cylinder ashstand Faux wood finish steel cylinder smokestand. Features beautiful butterscotch bakelite handles. Plated ash receiver and stepped base. Hinged opening for ashes to fall into cylinder. Nice looking accent smoker for your home! 22 1/4" tall.

Priced at $165.00
Machine Age chrome and black ashstand with double handles Very different Machine Age chrome and black bakelite smoker. Great design with double upside down "U" chrome handles. Round black bakelite knob releases ashes into ash receiver section with it's knubbly textured sides. Black bakelite inlaid on base. 24" tall.

Priced at $295.00 SOLD
Everyone loves greyhounds and whippets! This late 1920's smokestand features this oh-so-Deco dog as the handle motif to the stand. Great moderne look with the concentric bands and sleek styling. Painted metal finish.

Priced at $275.00 SOLD
Whippet smokestand
DC-3 chrome lighted base smokestand Original 1930's Canadian made smokestand featuring the DC-3 airplane. Features original label under right wing that reads "Metalcraft Manufacturing Co., Approved - Canadian Standards Association". Also stamped into the metal "Metalcraft Manufacturing Co., Patent Pending" under both wings.

Great moderne smokestand! Features lighted agate base and lighted airplane (both with separate on/off switches). Playing card motif (spade, heart, diamond, and club) stamped on top of smoking "table". Two cigarette holders with lids and two ashtrays complete the smoking "table" ensemble. This is one of the quintessential iconic smokestands of the era and is perfect to set between two Art Deco club chairs to transport you back in time! Smoking "table" is 22 3/4" tall with the DC-3 mounted on a fluted tubular post at 33 1/2" tall.

Please inquire as to pricing. SOLD!!
Exceptional one-of-a-kind cubist inspired smokestand of French Canadian origin. Classic Art Deco nude figure in it's original "Frankart green" paint adorns top of smokestand silhouetted by spectacular back-lit frosted and etched sunray pattern glass. On/off switch on light fixture. Main smokestand is triangular in shape with beautiful geometric and cubist patterns cast into surface. On each edge of triangle is found 3 individual and removable cubist ashtrays with cigarette rests as the holders. Incredible cubist base and shaft. Great, great rare piece!

Priced at $2,995.00. SOLD
Frankart like cubist inspired French Canadian smokestand
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