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Marble Granite Furniture

Deco-Dence is pleased to offer an exclusive line of custom-made, hand-crafted furniture made of natural stone materials such as marble, granite, and slate created by celebrity artist Sue Pirtle. The pieces are of the highest quality materials, design and craftsmanship, taking up to three months to complete.

About the Process

The process is to design and build a desired base or style of furniture, then from natural materials, choose a basic color theme. Next, the magic begins. The artist's eye begins to create a design, incorporating mother nature's patterns along with geometric shapes and metallic accents. Each individual component is then hand cut and polished, adhered to the piece and finally treated and sealed. The entire process can take up to three months to complete. The result is your "one of a kind piece" of functional artwork, that can last for generations!
About the Artist

Artist Sue Pirtle achieved fame and recognition earlier in life in rodeo arenas across the country. The National Cowgirl Hall of Fame, now located in Ft. Worth, Texas, inducted this eleven time World Champion as "The Most Versatile Cowgirl in the History of Women's Rodeo".

Sue has taken this award winning versatility into an entirely different arena with her special stone work. Her passion for excellence manifests itself in unique furniture designs, blending the traditional and contemporary into "one of a kind" pieces of functional art. Inspired by the nature of slate, granite and marble, Sue incorporates natural metallic elements to create multiple geometric patterns within each design.

Born out of her imagination and the frustration of searching for pieces of furniture that would last over the years and yet provide timeless design, Sue Pirtle produced her first piece in 1994. Deco-Dence is now proud to showcase the works of this very talented and creative genius.

Magnificent "piano" console in Absolute Black granite with white granite "keys". Keys are exact scale to those found on a real piano and cause most people to do a "double-take" it looks so realistic. Console base is a three stepped design. Dimensions are 54 7/8" wide x 16 7/8" deep x 27" tall.

Priced at $4,200.00 SOLD
"Piano" mirror, the companion piece to the "piano" console. Made of Absolute Black granite with white granite "keys". Keys are exact scale to those found on a real piano. Piano mirror can be hung from the wall or is floorstanding (as shown). Dimensions are 21 1/4" wide x 55 1/4" tall.

Priced at $3,500.00
"Deco-Dence" console. Incredible Jazz Age geometrics make this console a fabulous addition to your Art Deco furnishings. Made of black, gray and silver colored slate. Dimensions are 59 3/4" wide x 15 3/4" deep x 28 3/4" tall.

Priced at $2,600.00
"Deco-Dence" mirror, companion piece to the "Deco-Dence" console above. Incredible Jazz Age geometrics make this mirror a fabulous addition to your Art Deco furnishings. Made of black, gray and silver colored slate. Mirror may be hung on the wall or is floorstanding (as shown). Dimensions are 21 1/4" wide x 59 1/4" tall.

Priced at $695.00
"Deco-Dence" footstool, companion piece to the "Deco-Dence" console and mirror above. Incredible Jazz Age geometrics make this stool a fabulous addition to your Art Deco furnishings. Made of black, gray and silver colored slate. Features a padded leather seat. Inside, a false bottom hides a Brinks combination safe. It also includes a removable foot rest for the ultimate shoe shine! Dimensions are 16 1/2" wide x 16 3/4" deep x 21 1/2" tall.

Priced at $1,750.00
Gorgeous bench for the foot of your bed, or anywhere a bench style seating piece is called for. Made of a beautiful travertine marble, with wood and brass accents, and covered in a luxurious chocolate suede. Dimensions are 48 1/4" wide x 16 3/4" deep x 19 1/2" tall.

Priced at $2,300.00
Super cool and very functional stand-up cocktail center. Made of polished granite, with wood accents and polished brass foot rests. Thick plate glass top with polished edges looks into a stepped design in granite in the middle. Stepped design is repeated on the exterior of cocktail center. Features three shelves (two of glass), with four stem holders to hold stems upside down. Hidden storage area along bottom behind a removable granite panel. Dimensions are 33 1/2" wide x 31" deep x 42" tall.

Priced at $4,900.00
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