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Bedroom - Suites

Exceptional Norman Bel Geddes American Art Deco three piece modernist bedroom suite. Ensemble is comprised of tallboy, vanity with tall bevelled cathedral mirror, and matching oval vanity stool.

Tallboy features three full width drawers, three half-width drawers and a unique and functional storage space behind door. Vanity features six drawers total, a glass top shelf and a metal lower shelf. Vanity stool is in a beautiful oval design. Vanity seat has been re-upholstered.

This three piece original Norman Bel Geddes bedroom ensemble is in very good to excellent ORIGINAL finish in the highly desirable two tone black with yellow color scheme. Original hallmark indicates pieces date to May of 1934.

Exceptional is an understatement for this beautiful, original American Art Deco suite from one of the greatest masters of the American Art Deco movement - Norman Bel Geddes. Dimensions forthcoming.

Please inquire.

Art Deco bedroom suite, circa 1930's, American modernist in design. Comprised of two beds that are each oversized twins (joined together with modifications could make king), a large dressing chest with large circular mirror, and two bedside tables. The Art Deco bedroom suite has it’s original label inside one of the dressing chest drawers and indicates the suite was made by the "American Furniture Company of Batesville, Indiana" with additional information of "Rom Weber Industries - Master Made Furniture". Dimensions of the pieces are:

Each oversized twin bed - 76 1/2" long x 42 5/8" wide
Headboard is 30 1/4" tall and footboard is 18 1/4" tall
Each bedside table - 14 1/4" deep x 18" wide x 20 1/4" tall
Dressing chest - 22 1/4" deep x 49 3/4" wide x 36" tall, with a 26" wide black section with plate glass in the middle of the top
Dressing chest mirror - 42 1/2" diameter (when mounted on chest provides a total height of 78 1/2")

Each piece has an incredible solid glass rod that is part of the feet. This Art Deco bedroom suite is so very unusual and not your everyday American modernist bedroom. It evokes a French modernist feel with the rolled black and chrome feet at the end of the solid glass rods, all of which are in perfect condition. The handles to the chest and bedside tables are long solid rectangular sections of apple juice bakelite or black bakelite, all in perfect condition. The woods on the suite are a gorgeous masur birch or curly maple with mahogany. The dressing chest has a 26" wide center black section with glass on the top, which makes a very nice surface for placing personal items. The dressing chest has a locking center drawer for placing valuables. Seven drawers total are found on the chest. The interiors of the chest and bedside tables are lined in a beautiful quarter cut mahogany and cedar.

Fully restored in a beautiful satin finish. Please inquire as to pricing. SOLD

Italian Romanesque Deco burled walnut, bakelite, brass, and shagreen triple door armoire
Italian Romanesque Deco burled walnut, bakelite and brass dressing chest
Italian Romanesque Deco burled walnut headboard and footboard
Italian Romanesque Deco burled walnut and bakelite bedside table
Italian Romanesque Deco burled walnut, bakelite and brass vanity with stool
Italian Art Deco bedroom suite. Simply unbelievable in design and detail. One-of-a-kind seven piece custom bedroom. If only this suite could talk - what stories it would tell! This suite evokes the glamour years of Hollywood during the 1930's.

Spectacular hand carved Art Deco bedroom suite from Milan, Italy. Exquisite materials characteristic of designer suites of the period adorn this magnificent creation. Shagreen handles, tortoise shell backplates to all keyholes, large bakelite handles with solid brass, construction quality reminiscent of the finest residential construction all authenticate the standing of this suite in it's genre.

All statues are unique and hand-carved. A single male figure (Zeus, Ceasar, ???) along with his queen hold reign from the left and right doors of the regal and opulent armoire. Additional hand-carved female statues representing various disciplines of the arts and sciences are found in pairs on all remaining pieces of the suite.

The incredible burl walnut gracing the exterior of all pieces in the suite is a work of art unto itself. Gently curved burl sunrays frame each statue as an eye-catching backdrop. The original framed bevelled mirrors feature multi-curves and sharp geometric angles that would be extremely expensive to replace today. The mirrors also create a striking fan-shaped or sunray like design that is captivating. The vanity features it's original stool upholstered in original fabric.

Dimensions of the suite are:
Armoire: 82" wide x 83 1/2" tall x 26" deep.
Dressing chest: 63 1/2" wide x 76" tall x 24 1/2" deep.
Bed: 74" wide x 57" tall headboard and 35" tall footboard.
Bedside tables: 20" wide x 40 1/2" tall x 18" deep.
Vanity: 53 1/2" wide x 70" tall x 17 1/2" deep.

Such magnificence could only be created in a bygone era when quality of design, exquisite materials and uncompromising workmanship were the hallmarks of the time.

Please inquire as to pricing. SOLD

Signed and dated 1935 Italian Futurist burled walnut triple door armoire
Signed and dated 1935 Italian Futurist burled walnut dressing chest
Signed and dated 1935 Italian Futurist burled walnut oversized queen bed
Italian Futurist burled walnut bedside tables
Signed and dated 1935 Italian Futurist burled walnut vanity
Italian Art Deco bedroom suite. This stunning signed and dated (January 24, 1935) Art Deco suite is comprised of a bed that is just shy of standard American king, two bedside cabinets, triple door armoire with center bevelled mirror, asymmetrical vanity with framed mirror, and dressing chest with stepped framed mirror.

Art Deco suite is in a gorgeous bookmatched burl walnut with zebrano trim and ebonized details. Hand polished aluminum banding highlights the bases to all pieces. All doors feature piano hinges of polished chromium. Original multi-colored bakelite hardware with brushed aluminum trim is incredible. All interiors are lined in cedar and feature fantastic marquetry banding that details every interior panel (tops, sides, backs and bottoms). Deeply veined marble tops found on bedside tables, dressing chest and vanity.

Custom bedding has been fabricated to fit the original bed. Bedding is 71” wide x 77 1/4” long. The bedding is one of the finest sleep systems in the world featuring latex over coil spring. Individual firmness adjustments can be made on each side of the mattress in the three main body zones (head, torso, legs) by inserting latex panels of differing firmness to adjust each zone to be specifically tailored to each person.
The footboard curves and extends another 2 1/2” beyond the end of the mattress.

Dimensions are:

Armoire: 74 1/2" wide x 78 1/4" tall x 21 1/2" deep. AVAILABLE
Dressing chest: 49 3/4" wide x 66 1/2" tall x 20 3/4" deep. SOLD
Bed: 71" wide x 52" tall (headboard) & 31 1/4" tall (footboard). SOLD
Bedside tables: 18" wide x 25 1/8" tall x 14 1/2" deep. SOLD
Vanity: 46 1/8" wide x 67" tall x 14 1/2" deep. SOLD

Please inquire as to pricing.
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