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Bedroom - Side Tables

Very rare matched asymmetric pair of original 1930's American cobalt mirrored bedside tables. These bedside tables are really phenomenal and the pictures do not begin to do them justice.

They're quite large, too, and as a result very functional. Each bedside table features five drawers. The pair is matched asymmetrically and one is designed to go on the left side of the bed and the other on the right side. The interiors are lined in cedar. The pulls are very beautiful in the form of very cool glass cylinders with polished chrome metal trim. The dimensions of each cobalt mirrored bedside table are 33" tall (tallest height) x 18 5/8" wide x 17 3/8" deep.

These bedside tables were acquired from an estate sale in Albuquerque, NM. They belonged to an older gentleman who had retired from his many years in Los Angeles in the film industry to Albuquerque and his house was literally an incredible Art Deco museum. He especially loved collecting cobalt mirrored items and had rare cobalt mirror pieces of all kinds.

These cobalt mirror bedside tables are literally one-of-a-kind as we have been in business for 13 years and have never seen an example of them before. Original cobalt mirror items from the 1930's and 1940's are rare to begin with but to see it used on furniture of the period is the rarest application of all.

Please inquire. SOLD

Argentine curly maple/masur birch bedside cabinet Argentine Art Deco bedside tables in a curly maple and masur birch exterior, lined in mahogany. Beautiful blonde finish has been relacquered with 15 coats of new hand-rubbed, high gloss lacquer and is ready for your home. Features stepped tops with curved fronts and interesting feet. Two matching tables available (a left and a right orientation). Dimensions are 20 3/4" wide x 16 1/8" deep x 23" tall.

Please inquire.
Argentine curly maple/masur birch bedside cabinet, doors open
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